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Hypnotherapy in Abergavenny

with Nicola Schramm

Hypnotherapy is a well established form of therapy.

Nicola SchrammHypnosis is a naturally ocurring state, that of the alpha wave length and allows the unconscious mind to focus inwardly therefore paying closer attention to our own unconscious sources of information and guidance. Through working with hypno-analysis negative emotions which maybe also contributing to physical symptoms, can be released and new objectives and patterns suggested, allowing a new perspective to emerge enabling the client to move forward in life.

Many of us may have been ‘programmed’ negatively in our past. An example of this may be a teacher constantly saying ‘You’ll never amount to anything’, and our unconscious has absorbed this suggestion so that we are ‘unconsciously’ living out the negative expectations of others. The key is to change the patterns in our unconscious mind.

In our daily lives most people use about 10% of their conscious minds, while leaving the other 90% to the unconscious. In this age of computer technology we can appreciate the analogy by cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, for example describing the conscious mind as operating with the computer processing power at about 40 bits of information per second, while the subconscious processes information at 20 million bits per second. Therefore it surely makes sense to utilise this amazing part of our mind when working towards our goals.

Hypnosis offers the tool, a bridge to the unconscious mind. The unconscious doesn’t recognise the difference between reality and what is imagined. The imagination is much more powerful than will power, and through hypnosis we offer the opportunity to release negative patterns and support the unconscious mind to help reach our true potential.


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