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Biodynamic Therapy in Abergavenny

with Liz Barker

Biodynamic Therapy is a unique combination of Biodynamic Psychotherapy, Counselling and Biodynamic Massage


Liz Barker Biodynamic Therapy AbergavennyThe Original Belief

Your body, mind and spirit work together as one

The life force flows through the body in pleasurable waves when the body is in balance. When this flow is disrupted, it can show as dis-ease.

My practise, backed up by years of clinical experience, training and loving concern, consists in creating the ideal support framework for the release of these blocks.

The Biodynamic Approach

A non critical, non judgmental attitude…

All symptoms, feelings, dreams, and resistances are welcome.

Relaxation and a deep sense of safety are essential
to enable the cleansing of residual stress induced hormones, and their replacement with vitality and pleasure giving ones.


…I listen to your words

…I decipher the unique language of your own healing mechanism – the peristaltic sounds, commonly known as tummy rumblings during Biodynamic massage sessions – by means of a stethoscope placed on the abdomen.

The Therapeutic Touch

Healing through the Power of Words, Healing through the Power of Touch, Healing beyond Words and Touch…

Words and touch establish a bridge through which I can communicate directly with your Inner Self. Through this exchange, we are guided to restore balance and harmony.


About Liz

Originally a professional ballet dancer, Liz subsequently became a teacher of relaxation and gentle exercise techniques and taught in many countries around the world.

This led her on to research the body-mind connection and qualify as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist, Counselling and Biodynamic Massage, centred on the teachings of Gerda Boyeson. This consisted of a four year programme including one-to-one therapy and group therapy.

Workshops with leading experts in the field such as Deepak Chopra, Dr Eric Pearl and Professor Bruce Lipton form an ongoing part of her professional development.

In her own words: ‘Most of all, I acknowledge life with all the emotions it generates, as the greatest universal teacher of love and compassion, the ultimate source of healing.’

Member of the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy (LSBP)
Registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
ITEC Qualified.


For enquires and appointments please contact me:

For a Biodynamic Therapy Appointment in Abergavenny ring our reception.

Liz also practices in Monmouth and can be contacted by emailing her directly at lizbarker34@googlemail.com