Abergavenny Complementary Practice

Henton House
Monk Street

Tel: 01873 858 020

Welcome to Abergavenny Complementary Practice

Natural Therapy in Abergavenny Monmouthshire

We are a group practice of natural therapists in Abergavenny Monmouthshire using safe and effective natural treatments which do not use drugs or X-rays.

We aim to treat each person as a whole, as the individual they are – rather than seeing them as a presentation of a particular disease, or looking only at one organ or joint as though it is “faulty”. Ours is a “whole body, whole person” approach.

All the natural therapists in Abergavenny work together to ensure the most direct way to help each person to health, referring them when necessary to another therapist or to a doctor. At The Complementary Practice we offer safe natural therapy in Abergavenny including:-

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For details of each therapy, click its name above, or use the buttons on the left. If in doubt as to which therapy might be best for you, or for appointments, ring us on 01873 858 020.